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Ghost Summer Camp Candles

Ghost Summer Camp Candles

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Ever wonder what happens at a ghost summer camp? Come to Camp Apparition Acres and find out! These 4 candles take a tour of just a few of the different activities they partake in. 

Wake the Dead: Much like in the Addams family, ghosts too like to play wake the dead! Scented with a hazelnut coffee fragrance because nothing wakes the dead more than bean juice! Here you'll find the ghostie with a little skull atop of "blood" drips.

To the Lake: Every camp has to have a swimming trip! On lake day the ghosts came across some cute frogs! Enjoy the scent of coral and moss while these companions sit atop a watery base.

Picnic Day: Food is a vital part of camp, even for the deceased. A base of stripes give us that picnic blanket feel and come topped with a ghostie with some fruit all around! Fruit can vary between oranges, strawberries, pineapple, watermelon, and black berries. Feel like you're at the picnic with everyone with a delicious watermelon fragrance!

80's Day: Most camps have spirit week and these ghosts make no exception! 80's day is full of fab fun and wild colors! The scent of blueberry jam is here to keep the apparitions grooving on top of a colorful glitter spattering and some colorful drips.

Made with soy, coconut, and candelilla wax. Fragrance and biodegradable glitter.

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