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Pumpkin Patch Soaps

Carlllll Soap

Carlllll Soap

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Those who have seen Llamas with Hats will know the iconic line "Carlllll that kills people!" These bars feature a whimsical explosion inside and are each topped with the llamas hats and a set of llama ears. Paul, who's name was unknown to Carl for years has the red cap with a flower and Carl's is the green stocking cap. These are scented with an apricot freesia fragrance wash away any thoughts you may have of making a meat dragon.

There is a broken top bar available at a discount, it appears Paul may have gotten tired of Carl's antics and pushed him off the table...or more likely, when the soap maker was beveling the sides she accidentally knocked off one bar and the ear and hat broke...could go either way.

Made with saponified oils (coconut, grapeseed, pure olive), cocoa butter, fragrance, and mica.

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