Shop FAQ

Q: Are all the products vegan?

A: Yes! To make things as natural and sustainable as possible everything made by Pumpkin Patch Soaps is vegan and ethically sourced.

Q: Is the packaging eco friendly?

A: Yes! We try to reuse everything we can. Any shrink wrap is biodegradable. We shred boxes from supply orders to use for packing. If you get packing peanuts in your order they are biodegradable and can be washed down the drain. And should you get any plastic/foam packing that is what we have reused from a delivery of our supplies.

Q: What if I can't have fragrance?

A: There is a fragrance free section that always has a variety of natural unscented and colorant free soaps.

Q: Do you make party favors?

A: Yes! From weddings to baby showers to customs for businesses there's tons of custom options to be had. For customs you can email with any inquiries or DM on Instagram.

Q: Do you offer returns?

A: We do not accept returns however if you can show a problem with your order that is on the behalf of the shop then you can receive either a refund for the product or a replacement. Only valid 7 days after delivery.